Missing Su

Dec. 4th, 2012 04:05 pm
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(Is this thing on Private? I think it is...)

Today, out of the blue, Henry asked me where Su is. "Mommy, where's Agent Su?" I'm shocked that Henry even remembers meeting him—what was it, all of twice? was there even a second time?—let alone wonders about his whereabouts. Note to self: never, ever assume your young child will forget anything, especially if it's awkward.

"He's working, Henry. On a mission."

"Why is it so long?"

That's a good question. I've been wondering about it myself, but Mithiriel assured me she hasn't heard anything to suggest a serious problem. These things just happen, what with the time differences on missions. Try explaining that to a three-year-old, though.

"Well, baby, sometimes missions just take a long time, and the agents can't come home until they're all done."

"Want it all done now!"

This was the start of a crying fit that went on for quite a while, until he finally fell asleep in my lap. Poor little guy. I don't know where this came from, or if it really has anything to do with Su being gone so long. He's never gotten worked up like this over Ilraen, and those two are best buds.

I just hope he didn't pick it up from me. I don't tell my three-year-old that knowing about time distortions doesn't stop me from thinking about all the terrible things that might have happened, especially with Su being Su, but kids are so perceptive. I'm not what you'd call a closed book, either, even when I'm trying.

I don't know. Even if he did get something from me, why did it come up tonight? Nothing's different about tonight. I'm not more or less anxious than I was yesterday, or the day before, or the day before that....

Well, enough of that. Here's something better I can think about: when Su DOES get back, because he WILL, do I kiss him for being alive, or kill him for making my kid cry? Decisions, decisions.

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